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Published: 2023-06-20T21:17:49

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Woman responds to internet weirdos after being called out by Joey Swoll for filming a man working out behind her at the gym while taking possession of several pieces of equipment.

Joey Swell is the internet’s resident gym brother, but it’s pushing back against negative stereotypes by addressing bad behavior and poor gym etiquette in fitness studios around the world.

Swoll is widely known for his viral videos exposing gym toxicity. He’s not afraid to call out influencers who film strangers during their workouts or those who make fun of other gym-goers.

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Swoll’s content almost always garners internet attention, and the latest drama to come out of her most recent call clip has led to some serious nuance from another influencer caught up in the ordeal.

Joey Swoll flexing while promoting his merchandise.Instagram: joeyswoll

Joey Swoll is an influencer and bodybuilder who has taken social media by storm thanks to his viral videos.

Joey Swoll criticizes a woman for hogging gym equipment and filming a stranger

The situation started when up-and-coming influencer and freelance stylist Nahtalie Kamholz uploaded a clip showing herself working out at her local gym.

In the clip, Nahtalie explained that she was working back and forth when a man wanted to use the hyperextension machine she allegedly claimed.

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That meant he was training behind her while she was filming her workout. Nahtalie complained that the guy was ten inches away from my ass every time I tried to finish my sets, saying he so rudely took the [hyperextension] car and went into my frame.

Joey Swoll was quick to call the designer to hog the space and call the stranger on the internet instead of handling the situation like an adult.

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Like your video is more important than another member’s workout? said Swell. It is not. Sorry, you don’t own the gym. Not to mention, it’s not good gym etiquette to do three or four different exercises, superset, and hog one machine.

Influencer hits internet weirdos after call from Joey Swoll

Since it was posted on June 19, Joey’s video has racked up over half a million views on Twitter. Commenters scrambled to find the woman’s Instagram and bombarded her posts with comments admonishing her behavior at the gym.

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However, it doesn’t seem like Nahtalie is all that bothered by the backlash. She answered that question in a series of posts by her on her Instagram Stories, where she responded to internet weirdos for criticizing her for her video of her.

You’ll need to do some breathing exercises and find a hobby, he wrote. You only have one life, why choose to be a cockroach on the internet when you can literally go out and look at how beautiful our one life is. She concluded her answer with a subtle reference to the Swolls video: do better.

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influencer-strikes-back-joey-swoll-gym-1Instagram: nahtaliee

He also responded to commenters speculating that he muted his comments amid the backlash, saying it was likely an automatic moderation feature of Instagram.

influencer-strikes-back-joey-swoll-gym-2Instagram: nahtaliee

Additionally, she uploaded a short clip of herself munching on some food without bothering with the caption, To All These Weird Guys from the Internet.

influencer-strikes-back-joey-swoll-gym-3Instagram: nahtaliee

This isn’t the first time someone has responded to Joey Swoll after being called by him online. Earlier this month, Russian pro swimmer Nika Godun had a similar response after she was slammed by the fitness star for making fun of a little girl working out at her gym.

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