Tracy Cortez in a bathing suit goes to the beach

Tracy Cortez is warming up Brazil in a bathing suit. The MMA fighter shows off her incredibly fit figure in a swimsuit in one of her latest social media posts, taking a dip in Lagoa de Alcacuz and sharing her photo via her Instagram Stories. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 of Tracy Cortez’s top diet and fitness tips.

Tracy drinks a lot of water. During her workouts, she always has a bottle of water at hand. In one of his recent post, also reveals that he drinks from coconuts. According to Mayo Clinic, hydration is important for a variety of reasons. Water helps eliminate waste products through urination, sweating and bowel movements, maintains normal temperature, lubricates and protects joints, and helps protect sensitive tissue.

Tracy spends a lot of time exercising and takes her workouts seriously. She trains at Neuro Force One, a “data-driven” program that incorporates nutrition, strength and conditioning, and mental training. “Just body-wise, I’m much stronger, I’m much more explosive,” she said ESPN. “There’s so much science behind training. Instead of always going hard, they say train smarter and fight stupid. So when we’re fighting, we’re fighting. There’s a plan behind it, but you you go in to fight. When you train, you don’t train to hurt yourself every day. We’re training much smarter than I normally would.”

Tracy also takes time out to do breathing exercises. “Mentally, I’m able to calm down,” she told ESPN, adding that the breathing exercises are helpful in “calming down my heartbeat.” According to Mayo ClinicThere are many benefits to meditation, which is similar to breathing exercises.

  • Building skills to manage stress
  • Increase self awareness
  • Focusing on the present
  • Reduce negative emotions
  • Increase imagination and creativity
  • Increase patience and tolerance
  • Lowered heart rate at rest
  • Lowering of blood pressure at rest
  • Improved sleep quality

Tracy understands the importance of prioritizing mental health and talks about hers on social media. “I want to be very vulnerable but also to some extent because social media knows how to bring people down,” she said in one of her Instagram Stories. “I’m healing and I’ve experienced it on a personal level. I’m healing and responsibility is a hard pill to swallow and a lot of people are not able to take responsibility for their actions. You know, it’s always easy to find the easy way out , sorry, you know? And I’m changing everything I thought I once was. I’m trying to become a better person. I’m trying. Not that I was bad, but I’m trying to move on purpose, I’m trying to move purely. Percent. I showed up and it was hard. Everyone around me in my circle saw, and being pulled out like I did, it hurt. It broke me because we give everything. We drop everything. We give everything we can and drop everything, every ounce of us in every session.I feel like boot camp is really taking a toll on me, and I think every fighter at some level can relate, spiritually, physically and obviously mentally, it takes a toll on it. And I gave everything. I gave everything I had and not fighting left me a bit lost. But I’m fine. I’m keeping myself healthy. I’m making my mental state, my state of mind, my mental health, I’m making it a priority,” she said.

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Tracy trains hard at the gym, lifting heavy weights. “It’s Monday my people, I can’t stress how excited and ready I am to hit the gym and get back to work!!! Sending you my energy so you give it 100 good vibes PURE GOOD VIBES HERE!!” she captioned a recent post. Adults need 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity and 2 days of strength-training activity each week, according to current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

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