This AMRAP workout from elite trainer Ben Bergeron builds power and aerobic fitness

Elite trainer to several CrossFit athletes who have claimed the title of “Fittest on Earth,” Ben Bergeron brings a running and barbell AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) to MH to test our cardio capacity.

The required work includes a mix of running distances and barbell lifts in a series of AMRAPs. “Each interval will start with a set running distance,” says Bergeron. “Once athletes return from their run, they will grind out as many reps as possible with the barbell in the remaining time of each window. We will be using a barbell for this workout and will switch weights during rest periods.’

Bergeron includes scaling options for all levels and equipment substitutes so you can adjust your workout to suit your needs. The different running distances and maximum lifts result in full-body fatigue, making this a suitable workout for athletes.

Face the strongest in the world, are you up for the challenge?

The workout

HEATING: (At weight training) 200m run / 5 thrusters / 5 power snatches / 5 power cleans

Bergeron recommends for power cleans and snatches: “Athletes should feel able to pedal the bar, but will likely opt for singles the entire time. Load should not exceed 60% of your power clean for the first bar and should not exceed 60% of your power snatch on the second balance wheel.’

Bergeron recommends for thrusters: ‘Athletes should be able to pedal the barbell for sets of 5 or more. Load should not exceed 60% of your 1RM thruster.’


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1 mile run

Bergeron recommends: “We push the running mile, then reduce our pace for the last 200m or so just so we can immediately start working on the cleans & jerks that follow. We should have at least a minute here to rack up reps, so pace those reps according to how much time you have when you enter.’

Climb: Shorten distance / 2,000m row / 1,600m ski / 4,000m bike / 1,200m air run

clean and press the balance wheel

Max clean and jerks

  • Start with your feet under your hips and shins close to the bar.
  • Grab the bar shoulder-width apart and push your knees out.
  • Pull your shoulder blades back and down and lock your core. Lift the bar off the floor by explosively extending your hips. The bar should travel straight up in a vertical line and brush against your thighs.
  • Squeeze your shoulders, keep the barbell close to your body, and bring the barbell into the front rack position as your feet move shoulder-width apart and lower your hips. Keep your elbows and chest lifted with one foot flat.
  • Rise and extend your knees and hips and reposition your feet under your hips. Bend your knees to explosively push the bar overhead, and lock your elbows with a split foot stance. Step your front foot back first and bring your feet back under your hips.

Climb: Reduce load / secondary dumbbells / cleans only / sprints only

Rest 3 minutes


800m run

Bergeron recommends: “Push the run 800m, then slow down for the last 200m or so to get ready for the snatches. Just like the clean and jerk, we’ll stimulate snatches based on how much time you have when you get back from your run.’

Climb: Shorten distance / 1,000m row / 800m ski / 2,000m bike / 600m air run

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Maximum power jerks

  • Position your feet so that they are in line with your hips, grab the bar with a wide grip and a flat back with your shoulders over the bar.
  • Maintain the back angle and push your toes into the floor as you lift the bar off the floor. Keep the bar close to your body as you throw the bar straight up from the tops of your knees to your hips.
  • Aggressively extend your hips. Scroll the bar, pull down and under the bar.
  • Throw the bar overhead as your feet move shoulder-width apart and quickly drop underneath into a partial squat with your arms straight and the bar overhead.
  • Stand up straight to finish.

Climb: Minimize the load / dumbbells / power cleans

Rest 3 minutes


400m run

Bergeron recommends: ‘It’s not worth pushing hard on the last run because now we’ll have thrusters to do when we come back. We run at a modest pace and wear out the thrusters as we see fit. The goal here will be to rest as little as possible between sets.’

Climb: Shorten distance / 500m row / 400m ski / 1,000m bike / 300m air run

balance wheel thruster

Maximum thrusters

  • Keep your feet a little wider than your hips and keep your core locked.
  • Start by cleaning the barbell in the front rack position with elbows well up and chest lifted.
  • Put your hips down into a low squat and then explosively push through your legs so the barbell travels overhead.
  • Check the weight back into a squat for your next rep.
  • To regress the exercise, a thruster can also be performed with two dumbbells in the front-rack position, or just one dumbbell held at either end in the goblet position in front of the chest.

Climb: Reduce load / dumbbells / front squat / push press

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