These cute workout clothes and headphones make exercise so much more fun

So, your goal this summer is to up your fitness game. While there’s plenty you can do to get in shape—think long runs or swimming—sometimes the easiest way to commit to your goal is to choose activities that are efficient but high-impact. And cute gear and fitness trackers can’t hurt either, right? With a major sale just around the corner (hello, Amazon Prime Day), finding fitness products to keep you motivated all summer long just got a whole lot easier (and cheaper!).

While the dates of Prime Day 2023 are still top secret, the online store has halted advance sales of fitness essentials that are available for purchase today. THE Women’s health The team expects the official sale to come in mid-July for two days, similar to how it happened in 2022.

Whether you’re shopping for sweat-wicking underwear or rowing machines, the price of fitness equipment can start to go up. But Amazon Prime Day makes shopping easier with great deals that save you hundreds of dollars. From tech-focused brands like Apple and Bose to specific fitness essentials like massage guns and posture correctors, WH editors found all the best deals to shop during Amazon Prime Day 2023. Read on to find the products you need to reach your summer fitness goals.

Sports bra with straps
Girls running strappy sports bra

Now 37% off

Seamless breathable panties
Grankee Breathable Seamless Panties

Now 17% off

Fluid flow 2.0
    Yoga pants with pockets
Ewedoos yoga pants with pockets

Now 44% off

Non-slip socks
Unenow non-slip socks

Now with 29% off

AirPod Pro
Apple AirPod Pro

Now 20% off.

Studio3 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones
Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Now with 52% off

Upload 5
Charge Fitbit 5

Now 20% off.

Massage gun
Aerlang massage gun

Now 63% off

Posture corrector trainer
Upright Go posture corrector trainer

Now with 26% discount

Looking for Pilates for weighted exercises
Circles Hillhub Weighted Exercise Pilates

Now 33% off

Skipping rope with calorie counter
Multifun skipping rope with calorie counter

Now with 49% off

SelectTech 552 adjustable handlebars
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Handlebars

Now with 31% discount

Treadmill under the desk
Rhythmic fun under the desk treadmill

Now with 28% discount

Magnetic rowing machine
Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic rowing machine

Now with 47% off

IC4 indoor cycling bike
Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

Now 33% off

Adjustable weight bench
Keppi adjustable weight bench

Now with 38% off

Fabric resistance bands
Tribe Lift Fabric Resistance Bands

Now 33% off

Putting on your workout clothes is probably the hardest part of working out, but not if you have cute clothes to wear. Amp up your workout’ fits with clothing that’s not only super stylish, but great for those extra sweaty sessions.

Start with breathable underwear which show no signs of bunching through the leggings and literally keep you dry during your workout. She brings the magic to the top with Running Girl’s Strappy Sports Bra, keeping girls in place and sweat stains at bay. To complete the outfit, choose a pair of sneakersthe WH team loves Addidas Fluidflow 2.0 that goes with everything and keeps you comfortable even during the most intense exercises.

Once you try high-tech fitness equipment, you’ll never go back. Take the Apple AirPods Pro for example, they have twice the noise canceling powers of the OG Airpods, for an immersive music experience that feels like an in-person lesson from the comfort of your home. The Aerlang massage gun is another great one. Not only does it relieve muscle soreness after a hard sweat session, it also stimulates circulation for effective relief after just a few minutes of use.

And the offers don’t end there. Whether you’re building an athome gym or you just need some compact gadgets for your apartment, Amazon has you covered in that realm too. Looking for something on the bigger side? The Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is 48 inches long and accommodates rowers of all levels and sizes. Reviewers love that assembly is super easy, and once built, it runs smoothly and feels sturdy.

Looking for more compact devices? The Bowflex Multifun Jump Rope and SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells are equally easy to store and use. WH editors especially like the jump rope because the LED screen on the handle shows the calories burned in real time. The display also shows weight, time and circles. Dumbbells are another piece of equipment that features motion tracking technology. As you lift, the device counts your reps and tracks your form. All you need is the brand’s app, and you’ll be able to scroll through your progress for hours.

If you’re still not feeling motivated to start your fitness journey, try one of these devices to jump-start your goals.

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What are the dates for Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon has yet to announce Prime Day 2023 dates. Previously, the prime sale occurred in late June or mid-July (in 2022, it came on July 12 and 13, and in 2021, it came on June 21 and 22). , so the WH the team expects it will fall between those dates again this year.

the best retinol serums recommended by dermatologists

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Who can attend Prime Day 2023?

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? Well, Prime Day deals are only available to those who Do. However, if you’re not a Prime member yet, you can activate a free 30-day trial. The membership costs just $15 a month (plus tax), but grants you access to free two-day shipping, Amazon Prime Video, and exclusive discounts at Whole Foods Market.

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