Your bones get stronger every time you eat calcium and vitamin D together. Here are 3 easy recipes to try

recipes high in calcium and vitamin d salmon
IIt’s no secret that our bodies start to experience some changes as we age. And while some of these may ...
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Here’s how to get enough vitamin D on a vegan diet

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Prior to the 20th century, scientists believed that these were the only essential nutrients food had ...
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Study sheds light on “low-value” vitamin D tests.

child in the sun
Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public domain Doctors are ordering unnecessary, costly and invasive blood tests for children to detect vitamin D deficiency, ...
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Unlocking the Key to Healthy Aging: The Influence of Vitamin K on the Diet-Microbiome-Health Axis

Study: Vitamin K and hallmarks of aging: Attention to diet and the gut microbiome.  Image Credit: ratmaner/
In a recent narrative review published in the Nutrients Journal, researchers explored how dietary vitamin K supplementation might promote healthy ...
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