Benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Valium linked to brain injury, job loss, suicide

Medicine, pills over brain MRI scans
AURORA, Col. —For decades, countless Americans have taken benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Valium and Klonopin as a supposedly safe way ...
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Commissioner exposes failures in mental health care after death of man who spoke of suicide

Jemma Cheer/Stuff A man in his 60s who died after self-harm was botched due to poor record keeping and communication, ...
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Socioeconomic factors are major contributors to the increase in suicide deaths, study shows

A new study highlights the connection between socioeconomic factors and suicide rates. According to the study, unemployment, inequality in education ...
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One year after the 988 suicide, the number of 911 calls increases in Travis County

Professional mental health supervisor Karen Duran takes calls Wednesday from the 988 crisis hotline in the Integral Cares Dove Springs Clinic call center.  A year ago, the National Suicide & Prevention Hotline introduced the 988 emergency phone number.
Karen Duran answered the crisis line at Integral Care, the mental health authority for Austin and Travis County, for four ...
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