USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative Releases Part Three of Their Mental Health Study in a Film Titled Misrepresentations: Popular Movies Misrepresent the Reality of Mental Health Conditions

Logo of the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative
EXCLUSIVE: Mental health is on the minds of medical professionals, policy makers, parents and advocates these days. Yet a new ...
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Meet the charities filling a gap in Sheffield’s mental health services

Kaleido playing drums for wellbeing
Sheffield is renowned for its green city status, surrounded by rolling hills and romantic vistas. But for many who live ...
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Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith lashed out at online attack on women’s mental health

Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith standing in blue suit and tie against gray background
Conservative MP sentenced for unsolicited attack on woman’s mental health (UK Parliament) A Tory MP has been widely criticized for ...
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Can better resources for mental health crisis care help people avoid 911 services? | MinnPost

Roger Mayer
Too often, when a person is in the midst of a mental health crisis, they or their loved ones end ...
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Toxic positivity and the GOP chief’s struggles with mental health

Donald Trump;  Nikki Haley;  Photo illustration by Mike Pence of Salon/Getty Images
Donald Trump; Nikki Haley; Photo illustration by Mike Pence of Salon/Getty Images Historically, mental health talks in public forums have ...
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Commissioner exposes failures in mental health care after death of man who spoke of suicide

Jemma Cheer/Stuff A man in his 60s who died after self-harm was botched due to poor record keeping and communication, ...
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What to do if your child is struggling: Steps healthcare professionals can take to help children and adolescents with their mental health

A woman with her arm around a teenager, sitting on the edge of a bed, seen from behind
Emerging research suggests that mental health problems among children and adolescents are on the rise. For example, one in four ...
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Unveiling mental health patient perspectives in online psychiatry reviews

In the world of psychiatry it is unfortunately common for some patients to express discontent. There are multiple legitimate reasons ...
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AI vs Tele Mental Health Services: Digging deeper into buzzwords

FIT explains the difference between AI and telehealth services. Published: June 22, 2023, 7:00 am IST SUITED explains what is ...
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Should your workout be loud or quiet? Changing the volume may change the mental health benefits

30 minute restorative flow for tired muscles |  Good moves |  Good+Good
Ppicture this: You come home from a frustrating day at work and longing for an upbeat Zumba class with the ...
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