Mass programs work to narrow the affordability gap for food and health care

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Mass programs work to narrow the affordability gap for food and health care Three Sisters Garden Project and the Massachusetts ...
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‘Kosher Experience’ is coming to a Fry’s near you

Daniella Lerma, Frys’ multicultural specialist, travels to California four or five times a year. She likes going to the Ralphs ...
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Uncovering the truth: Tropical hunter-gatherer diets contradict the assumptions of the Paleo diet

Study: Comparison of dietary variation measured within and between groups of tropical hunter-gatherers on the paleo diet.  Image Credit: VitaliiVodolazskyi/
In a recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers evaluated the dietary variations of tropical hunters ...
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Can we train our taste buds to crave healthy foods? Explains a neuroscientist

A neuroscientist explains how our taste buds work and how we can train them to eat healthy. Monica Dus, University ...
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45 Inexpensive Keto Lunch Ideas You’ll Never Get Tired Of

45 Inexpensive Keto Lunch Ideas You'll Never Get Tired Of
Denise Wright All the flavors of a huge sub, but in a light salad with less guilt. Mittera Creative Services ...
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Kosher community loses food oasis in Palo Alto JCC

Doreet Jehassi (Photo/Alix Wall)
For more than two years, Doreet Jehassi has been frying, to order, Yemeni Jewish savory pastries malawach and jachnun for ...
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Understanding this food etiquette could save you thousands

Not knowing the difference between the
Lifestyle By Natalie Brown, June 14, 2023 | 17:52 It’s the label printed on most of your groceries, and ...
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Unlocking the Key to Healthy Aging: The Influence of Vitamin K on the Diet-Microbiome-Health Axis

Study: Vitamin K and hallmarks of aging: Attention to diet and the gut microbiome.  Image Credit: ratmaner/
In a recent narrative review published in the Nutrients Journal, researchers explored how dietary vitamin K supplementation might promote healthy ...
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Comfort food: Why it’s hard to stop overeating when you’re stressed

A hand pressing on a hamburger, a typical comfort food
Share on PinterestFeeling stressed can trigger cravings for comfort foods. Marta Mauri/Stocksy Eating comfort foods when stressed shuts down the ...
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