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While it is said that there is little scientific value in naming cannabis strains indica and sativa, budtenders still rely on the terms to help consumers find the right products. To that end, sativa strains are generally uplifting rather than soporific. Sativa plants generally also grow taller, with longer branches than indicas. The buds often have citrus notes, possibly from terpene profiles such as limonene and citronellol often found in these buds.

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The fresh and juicy flavor profiles of exotics like Apple Mintz and Blue Zushi are impressive. But when it comes to sativa cannabis strains, these ten types of cannabis are the perfect place to start.

Sativa Strain: Aerial view of new buds on the plant
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Durban poison

Many people claim they have Durban poison, but those who have seen the real thing always know when it is a lie. The landrace from South Africa has one of the most distinct aromas, flavor profiles and colors of most American cannabis.

Lime is the predominant smell until a sharp mint enters the backend, a complex cannabis profile that carries over into the flavour. After consuming, expect energy, perhaps even bordering on psychedelic. Pure sativa could potentially suppress your appetite, probably because it naturally grows with more THCv.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with a simple lemony aroma. The buds grow in spears with a clover-green tinge and tufts of orange hairs, and the good ones are sticky.

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The flavor profile features notes of lemon and eucalyptus for a metallic citrus vibe. Expect a focus that can be creative after consuming, but make sure you have some direction before igniting. Some sativas, like Super Silver Haze, can be stoned, which is an easy way to get distracted.

Acid diesel

This variety has a name that perfectly describes its aroma. A whiff fills the air with a scent that can only be described as pure gas. The flavor is reminiscent of lemons in the earth but in a good way. Sour Diesel creates one of the most direct uplifting effects, providing energy and mental stimulation without cloudiness. Beware of headaches though. Some anecdotal reports claim that Diesel strains can cause migraines.

Strawberry cough

Reveling in a meadow, writing the next great American novel, or hustling with a Strawberry Cough lover is whimsical in a weed bud. The cross of Strawberry Fields and an unknown Haze grows dense and compact, granny apple green with bright orange hairs.

The aroma is distinctly strawberry with a slight hint of cheese, and the effects are simply delicious. This is a wonderful option for creatives in need of a good start or for the person looking to take life less seriously.

Blue dream

The smoothest hybrid on the list, this beloved sativa-dominant strain deserves a spot. DJ Shorts Blueberry crosses with Super Silver Haze to create this classic flavor from Santa Cruz.

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A rich earthiness wraps around the sharp citrus aroma with a matching flavor profile. When it comes to effects, Blue Dream is able to deliver a pleasant physical stone without the stoned and lethargic effects common to indica strains.

Jack Herer

Sensi Seeds created this strain and celebrated the work of Jack Herer by naming it after him. The genetics are said to be Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk and Sativa Haze. Regardless of genetics, these can promote a clear-headed focus with a silly edge.

Sativa Strain: Jack Herer buds
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Jack Herer grows bright green in small tree-like evergreen buds with a scent of cut grass and citrus. She ranks among the beloved sativa strains, but some report that she can cause migraines, so be in a safe and comfortable environment the first time you light her up.

Chemdawg or Chemdog

Originally called Chemdog after its slang names Chem and Dog Weed, enough growers of Chemdog-propagated clones became known by a new spelling. The origins are unclear, although many believe the variety to be Nepalese and Thai.

Chemdog, Chem 91, Chem Sister, and other iterations of Chem will often have uplifting effects reminiscent of Sour Diesel with a heavier body high. There is a diesel note to the aromas and a flavor to match.

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Green Crack

The long-popular sativa can create a euphoric buzz with a side of caffeinated energy. The buds of Green Crack are so full of hair and trichomes that they look almost fuzzy. The aromas are fresh and, you guessed it, full of citrus notes. Lovers of strains like Durban Poison and Jack Herer would appreciate a hit of Green Crack.

Sour Tangie

Combining the level head of Sour Diesel with the dreamy euphoria of Tangie, this sativa hybrid has quickly become a favorite with connoisseurs. Plump, tree-like buds complement a scent of mandarin and musk.

Sour Tangie is perfect for indica lovers looking for something new or those looking for a mild body stone with less lethargy. Note that Tangie can inspire some serious munchies as she fades away.

Sativa strains: Cola on white background
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Amnesia Haze

This sativa can bring about the perfect storm of uplifting, euphoric, and mental buzzes that some say border on the psychedelic. Amnesia Haze has a legendary lineage, its origins are not entirely clear, but it most likely came from the Netherlands.

The scent of bergamot combined with the quintessential sativa effects make it a popular option for consumers.

Sativas, indicas, and hybrids all have a unique history and combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. Understanding more about how dispensary shelves filled with exotic buds named after baked goods starts with learning the classics. These ten sativa strains are some of the icons that started it all.

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