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Legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates carved out his own space in the sport with unconventional training methods and a massive physique. He has reached the highest peaks as a pro and maintains a stellar level of fitness in his retirement. In a recent Instagram post, Yates shared his basic chest-training exercises that helped him win Mr. Olympia.

Dorian Yates set himself apart from the competition as a Mens Open contender with his impressive muscle mass, size, definition and stellar back development. He emerged as a budding prospect from the UK who took silver in his first Mr. Olympia appearance in 1991.

Following the exit of eight-time champion Lee Haney, Dorian returned with a vengeance and secured the coveted Sandow trophy at the 1992 Mr. Olympia. He proved to be a dominant champion collecting six Mr. Olympia titles in a row, going essentially undefeated from 1992 to 1997, and retired after his grand finale victory in 1997.

Since his retirement, Yates has continued to train regularly and promotes a healthy lifestyle. He often shares his decades of wisdom with fans so they too can improve their physiques. He revealed barbell rows with an underhand grip as his favorite exercise for creating a broad, thick back earlier this year. Then, he provided detailed tips on how to properly perform lat pulldowns to optimize back gains. He emphasized the importance of pulling with the elbows to unload the load from the biceps.

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Throughout his career, Dorian Yates went against the grain in training philosophy. While many bodybuilders used the traditional training regimen for a set number of reps and sets, he nearly drove himself to failure in every training session. The Shadow offered some valuable High Intensity Training (HIT) strategies for maximizing gains two months ago. He recommended using HIT training to overcome any stuck progress points.

Yates advocated performing hamstring curls to boost muscle growth in the lower body weeks ago. He focused on using a full range of motion while performing each rep in a controlled manner with a slow negative. Lui went on to reveal his workout, steroid cycles and diet as he prepared for the competition and talked about using TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) after he hung his trunks posing.

Dorian Yates shares basic chest workout exercises

In a recent Instagram post, Dorian Yates shared some of his top chest training exercises that have helped him win six Mr. Olympia titles.

He listed decline barbell bench presses, incline presses, and Smith machine presses along with the use of rest-pause reps

“The decline barbell bench press was a staple in my routine, roughly until 1992,” she wrote. “After that, I switched to more inclined presses and haven’t really gone back into decline. I’ve done quite a few incline machine presses and have felt a great connection to this exercise. It’s a fixed plane of motion and you can really put a lot of emphasis on your chest here. It’s safer to go beyond failure as well, especially with rest break reps where you have to lift the bar and take a few deep breaths, then aim for an extra rep or two.

Yates also shared that incline dumbbell flights on a low incline, incline barbell press, and dumbbell shoulder press are part of his go-to routine.

“The incline flights with dumbbells were another amazing exercise I did consistently, working up to over 50kg of dumbbells! But I’ve always done it on a low incline, about 30 degrees, because that puts the chest front and helps minimize deltoid involvement. I also did a lot of incline barbell presses afterwards, you can see the footage in Blood & Guts! I was basically forced to use the smith machine for shoulder pressing towards the beginning of my Olympia reign.

“My workout buddies in the early 90’s, usually Kenny and @paulbaxendale, often had a hard time passing me the giant 160lb dumbbells and it was hard to get them into place. I discarded the dumbbell shoulder press in favor of the smith machine for the shoulder press and this was much easier to not only set up, but also to fail. It’s about making changes to your training and trial and error is all part of the process.”

Dorian Yates argued that squats aren’t necessary to build muscle as he laid out his four times a week training plan for Mr. Olympia contests last month. He has undergone stem cell treatment for his injuries and reported positive updates. So, two weeks ago, she gave fans a look at her two-exercise ab workout routine.

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His latest offering provides insight into the high-quality training methods of a Mr. Olympia and will inspire fitness enthusiasts to incorporate them into their routines.

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