Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith lashed out at online attack on women’s mental health

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A Tory MP has been widely criticized for a tweet attacking a woman after she thanked the Samaritans for offering mental health support at Glastonbury.

Brendan Clarke-Smith has lashed out at political commentator Tan Smith, who calls himself Supertanskiiii on Twitter, calling her a vile internet troll after he made a post about her mental health.

Describing his experience and thanking a Samaritans volunteer, Smith wrote: I love Glasto but it’s a battle of endurance, especially for those with severe ADHD. [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] symptoms, but no hope of help as Conservatives decimate the NHS.

She added that chatting with the mental health charity volunteer made such a difference.

Clarke-Smith, the MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire, responded by tweeting: Vile internet troll shocked by personal issues. He cares little for the welfare of others, however, when he spews his foul-mouthed bile on Twitter. Excuse me for playing the smallest violin in the world.

He then doubled down on his comment, adding to Smith: why not try deleting your Twitter account? You will be much less angry and you will feel much better about yourself.

The Conservative party told PinkNews it would not comment on the matter, but the MP was criticized online for his response, which targeted Smith because of his anti-Conservative stance.

Her tweet was condemned by other Twitter users and by Smith herself, who explained that she started criticizing the Tories online after my friend took his own life due to Tory neglect of Covid and NHS cuts.

After Clarke-Smith’s comments, he added, “It’s not trolling to call ac *** ac ***.”

Smith later went on to say that while he was happy to razz Tory MPs online, his comments had indeed caused severe distress.

Celebrities including Carol Vorderman and LBC presenter James O’Brien added their voices to those criticizing Clarke-Smith, while veteran Labor MP and privileges committee chairman Chris Bryant called for the tweet to be removed.

“This is really out of order. Making fun of someone who talks about Samaritans mental health support,” Bryant said.

Brendan Clarke-Smith, I suggest you take note.”

Another commenter tweeted: I’m sure you meant to tweet: Samaritans volunteers do an incredible job, willing to offer life support to any of us experiencing a mental health crisis, unlike my government which has relentlessly cut mental health services in the past 13 years.”

Clarke-Smith went on to comment on the matter, criticizing fellow MPs who share Smith’s post.

Lashing out at John Mann, who retweeted a news article about the tweet, Clarke-Smith She said: “Nice that our so-called independent anti-Semitism consultant has a first instinct to share posts in defense of a foul-mouthed internet troll.”

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