8RD Magnesium Powders Can’t Stop Recommending for Boosting Hydration and Brain Health

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It cannot be stressed enough how essential the mineral magnesium is, after all it keeps our hearts and intestines healthy and thriving. In addition to the bounty of health benefits, magnesium plays a crucial role for our hydration levels, which is something you may be thinking about (even more) these days as the weather warms up. Although water is the primary source of hydration, electrolytes such as magnesium are also necessary to maintain proper fluid balance, says Samantha Schleiger, MS, RDN, CD, CLT, IFNCP, integrative and functional medicine dietitian. Magnesium-rich snacks are great, but if you’re specifically looking to boost your hydration levels, look no further than the best magnesium powders.

What are Magnesium Powders?

As the name suggests, magnesium powders are the powdered form of magnesium. They are made by combining magnesium with other compounds such as sodium and potassium, which increases the solubility and absorption of the powders in the body.

How do magnesium powders help with hydration?

Magnesium powders combined with sodium, potassium and chloride can help support hydration. These electrolytes play a vital role in maintaining water balance and can improve the body’s ability to retain water, adds Schleiger.

What types of magnesium powders are recommended?

According to Megan Gerber, RD, LD, IFNCP, CGN, board certified gastroenterology nutritionist and registered functional dietitian, she recommends magnesium glycinate or magnesium threonate. Glycinate is extremely bioavailable and helps us improve our stress response, supports muscle relaxation and healthy sleep, says Gerber. Additionally, research has shown that threonate improves brain health, such as migraines, headaches, and Alzheimer’s disease.

How much magnesium is recommended per day

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) daily intake for magnesium varies by age, gender, and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Adult males (ages 19-30): 400 mg
  • Adult males (31 years and older): 420 mg
  • Adult women (ages 19-30): 310 mg
  • Adult females (31 years and older): 320mg
  • Pregnant females: 350-400mg
  • Breastfeeding women: 310-360mg

Staying hydrated is twofold. The first part requires the intake of enough water. The second is electrolyte balance, and this is where magnesium comes into play. We reached out to registered dietitians about the best magnesium powders. Scroll down to find the ones that will help quench the thirsty cells.

Pure Encapsulations, Magnesium Powder $29.00

Magnesium: 250 mg/serving

If you’re looking for an easy-to-mix, flavorless formula, Schleiger recommends Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Powder. This formula offers an improved solubility form of the highly bioavailable magnesium bis-glycinate in a convenient powder form, says Schleiger. Beautiful too? It is free from allergens such as wheat, gluten, peanuts and preservatives. At 250 milligrams per serving, this powder makes a great addition to smoothies, shakes, and meals to boost hydration levels.

  • Easy to mix
  • Free from allergens
  • Good value

Orthomolecular Magnesium Powder, Reacted $55.00

Magnesium: 300 mg/dose

Ortho Moleculars Reacted Magnesium Powder offers a highly available form of magnesium, meaning it is more easily absorbed into the body (hurray). Not only that, it mixes well and contains a high concentration of magnesium (a whopping 300 milligrams per serving). Featuring a strawberry lemonade flavor, this powder can be added to water or any beverage to quench your thirst during the summer.

  • Contains a highly bioavailable form of magnesium
  • Easy to mix
  • Strawberry and lemonade flavor
  • 300mg per serving

Seeking Health Magnesium Malate Powder $22.00

Magnesium: 500 mg/dose

A whopping 500 milligrams await per serving in Seeking Healths Magnesium Malate Powder. The combination of magnesium and malic acid may be particularly beneficial for healthy energy production in cells, says Schleiger. This form of magnesium is said to be gentler on the system and may have a less laxative effect than other types. The good news: It’s free from fish, gluten, GMOs, peanuts, milk, shellfish, soy, and other allergens. Simply pour one scoop into your favorite beverage or as directed by your doctor and sip.

  • Contains 500 mg per serving
  • Gentler on the body
  • Free from allergens
  • Some may not like the taste

Health Designs, Magcitate Powder $43.00

Magnesium: 300 mg/dose

One scoop of this orange-flavored maccitrate powder serves up a whopping 300 milligrams per serving. The nice thing about this powder is that it shouldn’t cause any gastrointestinal sensitivity (since magnesium sometimes does) due to the stable chelate formed between the glycerin molecules and the magnesium, according to Schleiger. The result of adding one scoop to your water or favorite beverage is a non-fizzy, lightly sweetened beverage that tastes like orange juice and won’t irritate your gut. All you have to do is add a scoop, shake well, and sip, sip.

  • 300mg per serving
  • Orange flavored
  • Not fizzy and lightly sweetened

Klaire Labs Magnesium Chelate Powder $45.00

Magnesium: 200mg/serving

This fast dissolving powder is a must add to your regimen. Clocking in at 200 milligrams per serving and featuring a hypoallergenic formula, this powder is unable to irritate anyone’s gastrointestinal tract while keeping the body thirsty. It mixes easily into smoothies, water or juice and is free from potential allergens such as fish, soy, gluten and peanuts. Plus, no flavors or sweeteners are added, says Schleiger.

  • 200mg per serving
  • Free from allergens
  • Mixes easily

Puzzles, Mag Soothe $42.00

Magnesium: 200mg/serving

You heard it from Schleiger. This is a great-tasting, fast-acting, and calming magnesium supplement powder that uses the highly bioavailable magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate exclusively from Albion Labs, combined with bicarbonate, she tells us. Magnesium and bicarbonate work together to improve absorption within the body, so our body can absorb it quite fast. Boasting a raspberry lemonade flavor and calming properties, this powder is not only easy to drink but will make you want to snooze city. It’s a boon for your hydration levels and your sleep.

  • 200mg per serving
  • Raspberry lemonade flavor
  • It has sleep calming properties

Utzy Naturals, Magnositol Pm $36.00

Magnesium: 200mg/serving

This magnesium and inositol infused powder has been designed to not only boost hydration levels, but also induce a sense of calm to help you have a good night’s Zzz. Formulated with chelated magnesium bis-glycinate, this powder can be absorbed more easily by the body. I love that this formula is made with inositol, one of the most versatile nutrients for promoting brain health, a positive, relaxed mood, and restful sleep, explains Schleiger.

  • 200mg per serving
  • Absorbs quickly
  • It has sleep calming properties
  • Some may not like the taste

Thorne Magnesium Bisglycinate Powder $48.00

Magnesium: 200mg/serving

If you want research-backed magnesium powder, look no further than Thorne. Their products are made in a laboratory that meets quality and safety standards set by NSF International and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Schleiger says. Free from added sugars, thickeners and artificial flavors, this powder is flavored only with monk fruit concentrate and provides 200 milligrams of magnesium per serving. Highly absorbable, good tasting and with no artificial ingredients, this powder is worth sipping with water.

  • 200mg per serving
  • Flavored with monk fruit concentrate
  • Meets quality and safety standards set by NSF International and TGA

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