4 fun augmented reality apps for fitness

By combining the digital capabilities of your phone with elements of your real environment, augmented reality (AR) apps add another dimension to your smartphone’s capabilities. In many cases, these exciting apps can even help you up your fitness game. Spice up your fitness routine with these inspiring (and incredibly fun) AR apps.

1. Active game room

Arcade game library active


Use your body as a controller for games that will have you moving in no time. With 14 different games included, there’s something in Active Arcade for everyone.

To get started, place your device on the floor or on a desk, depending on the game you’re playing. The app uses your device’s camera to detect your movements. Tutorial videos explain how to play each game before you start, so you have a better idea of ​​where to jump, kick, and reach.

Arcade game SuperHits active

Active Arcade makes the most of its technology with a variety of play styles. High Kicks encourages you to tap or kick the fast green balls as they appear all over the screen. For Box Attack, meanwhile, move throughout your space (and occasionally jump) to fit boxes as they appear.

Similar to Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, the SuperHits game has you cutting or capturing notes as they scroll towards you across the screen. Upbeat pop and classic songs make it easy to hit the beat, and you’ll have a nice arm workout before you know it.

Demonstration of Active Arcade gameplay

Most games require no equipment. Dribble Tag, however, requires a basketball or other ball that you can bounce for full effect. Some of the games, including Reaction Flow and Galaxy Jumpers, include a two-player option. Grab a friend and compete against each other in these games in-person or online.

Finally, you also get a video highlight of your in-game activities. A free gaming app powered by AR, Active Arcade is an incredibly fun way to bring more movement into your daily life.

Download: Active Arcade for iOS | Android (Free)

2. Pipe

Make jumps, squats, push-ups and other exercises more fun with the Tuby AR game app. Turn any location into your fitness zone with this beginner-friendly workout app.

Under the Games screen, choose from a variety of games that encourage you to do burpees, push-ups, planks and more. As boxes, hoops, and other simple, colorful shapes move across the screen, you’ll jump, crouch, lunge, and generally move to avoid them.

Despite this simple premise, the games are both challenging and addictive. It’s easy to get your heart rate up in no time, and sometimes, those boxes fly across the screen much faster than you can catch (or avoid) them.

THE Workouts screen, meanwhile, connect different games together for a more intense workout experience. Focus on arms, legs, cardio or a full body workout.

With the ability to add your friends and compete against them in these AR games, the Tuby app becomes even more dynamic. After all, there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to keep you inspired round after round.

Download: Tube for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

3. Kayyo

If mixed martial arts is more your style, the AI ​​MMA trainer app Kayyo is worth a try. Train with the help of AR technology that checks your alignment and provides feedback.

Under the Training screen, follow the app’s AI trainer, Kitt, as a robotic voice coaches you on the jab, uppercut, cross and more. You can choose from different types of training, including boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and MMA.

Set the difficulty level and if you have access to a punching bag or partner, then get started. The generated workout is fun to follow, whether you’re working on takedowns and reversals or punching and grappling techniques.

One of the coolest parts of the Kayyo app is the Punch Rush challenge, where you try to throw as many punches as possible in 10 seconds. The videos analyze your movements in an instant, and you can even check your alignment while reviewing the video.

For a free app, Kayyo offers many fun and interactive AR elements that allow you to train anywhere. If you’d like to experiment with a variety of fighting styles and get a solid workout in the process, then this app is a great choice.

Download: Kayyo for iOS (Free)

4. Gymnastics

Use the Gymnotize app AR to learn how to lift weights correctly and perform dozens of exercises. Customizable avatars show the exercises for you, so the app is also useful for beginners. Whether you want an app that offers weight lifting routines or bodyweight routines, it offers something for everyone.

On the Exercises screen, select from a huge library of individual workouts, from sit-ups to side planks. Your avatar will show you how to perform each workout, while on-screen counters track elapsed time.

To bring the avatar to your space, tap the ellipsis at the bottom left of the screen, then tap the six arrow icon. When I tried it, a (somewhat gigantic) avatar of a person immediately appeared in my office, demonstrating the correct way to do a side bend.

THE Workouts screen, meanwhile, combines exercises to form beginner-friendly, bodyweight, and focused workouts. Simply select the one you want and follow your avatar.

Whether you’re looking to learn some new techniques or develop a reliable home workout, the Gymnotize app provides a solid library of exercises and routines. If you’re already a fan of free online workout generators, this app offers some similar features right on your smartphone.

Download: Gymnotize for iOS (subscription required, free trial available)

Check out AR apps for dynamic and fun workouts

For the most part, augmented reality AR exercise apps offer a new way to explore new fitness possibilities. By incorporating elements of gamification, these apps not only allow you to improve your technique but also encourage friendly competition via virtual matches. With the added incentive of achieving high scores, these interactive and addictive apps offer a fun and effective way to boost your fitness journey.

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